In homage to The Queen who started it all,
who inspired the birth of Dogecoin, Kabosu. ๐Ÿ•

History of kabosu

In homage to The Queen who started it all, who inspired the birth of Dogecoin, the queen Kabosu.

Kabosu became the most famous Shiba Inu for having inspired the birth of the very famous cryptocurrency DOGE. The first photo of Kabosu was posted by her owner on the web in 2010. Kabosu had been abandoned in a factory by her former owners. Her owner Atsuko, had created a blog to denounce the "puppy mills" that were then exploding in Japan. She had chosen to give her this name in reference to the fruit, because of her chubby face.

These last years Kabosu, the internet-famous dog who inspired and influenced digital culture for a decade was seriously ill with leukemia and liver disease.

The 18-year-old Shiba Inu has been diagnosed with acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphoma leukemia, according to a series of Instagram posts by her owner Atsuko Sato.
The day 05/24/2024 the predictable news has unfortunately arrived.
โ€Kabosu passed away and the world began to pay homage to her.
DOginal KaboSU project did not wait for this event to honor our ยซ popular angel ยป as said Atsuko. DOSU is a project with thousands of Kabosu lovers months before she became an angel. The goal has always been to keep her presence in people's heads and hearts forever.

With DOSU, this unique token named in homage to Kabosu, she can rest in peace in her own home and continue to exist forever through her greatest accomplishment, Dogecoin"


About DOSU

Doginal Kabosu (Dosu): From stray to star

This is only the beginning.
In a few short times, DOSU has united thousands of holders and inspired Kabosu's lover to join this journey from shelter dog to global inspiration.

The creator of Dogecoin, Billy Markus himself accepted to hold 0.1% of the supply to support this gesture towards the one who inspired him.

Like Kabosu, DOSU rises from obscurity to fame despite the odds and naysayers.

While critics doubt, Kabosu lovers bonds grow stronger.

Join us to honor the queen if you believe Kabosu deserve this homage in her own blockchain DOGE.

DOSU welcomes all seeking happiness and financial freedom. The outcast becomes accepted.

Let's create the most legendary memecoin for the most legendary Shiba Inu.

DOSU will make Kabosu the most popular angel.


Doginal Doge Crew

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The creator

Latoshi was one of the very first BRC-20 pioneers.
Now he brings that experience to the groundbreaking Dogechain and DOSU token.
The affordable DRC-20 opens crypto to the masses.
Inspired by Ryoshi and Charlie Chaplin, Latoshi believes his vision will empower even the most disadvantaged.
Join his zero-to-hero journey making finance inclusive for all. The underdog rises with the DRC-20 revolution.
Public blockchains realize their egalitarian dream through leaders like him.

Latoshi own DOSU on his blood.
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